Aristotle Leads A Tribe

It was blazing hot. We were lost. We were exhausted. We couldn’t fight our way out. And the harder we tried, the hotter it got, the more frustrated we became and the grumpier we felt. We needed something special. Something cool. That’s when I turned to my friend Aristotle, the master of logic, for a […]

Recognize Me?

I had spent a good part of my life trying to find the secret. I’d searched and searched. Then one day, when I least expected it, she turned to me and said the most insightful and profound thing I had ever heard. You just got to decide for yourself. You got the Saint Louie Blues, […]

Finding The Remarkable

I was in the middle of writing a post about why it’s important for purpose-driven brands to stand out instead of blend in. I’d just battered into submission the point that standing out doesn’t start with telling people things. It starts by making something remarkable. The remarkable is something that is worth sharing. Something people […]

To The Imperfect Journey

At the end of the dock there is a boat. But in the side of the boat there is a hole. That hole is never going to be fixed. And it’s never going away. So, get a new boat, right? You can’t get a new boat. Because this is your boat. All you can do […]

Rise or set?

It was the season of Light, It was the season of Darkness, It was the spring of hope, It was the winter of despair, We had everything before us, We had nothing before us, We were all going direct to heaven, We were all going direct the other way –Charles Dickens Today’s connected world is […]

Positioning A Purpose

How do you position an organization in the rapidly changing branding world? Find your tribe, Pilgrim. Find a tribe of marketing change agents at business-to-business firms who see the world the way you do. Then, it might be wise to define your purpose in a way that resonates with them. In this case, it’s a […]

Behold, The Patron Saint of Purpose

If you have a cause or a purpose in your life and in your profession,  you can learn a lot from the orgy of mirror balls and bubble clusters who is the new Mother Teresa of tribal leadership. Oh my Gaga! What the heck is tribal leadership? It’s connecting a group of people who share […]

And Your Job Is?

Oh, look. Bright, shiny things. Blingy kinds of things. Big data kinds of things. Automation kinds of things. Message mapping kinds of things. Content mumbo jumbo kinds of things. Going viral kinds of things. It’s all so totally awesome. Can’t see the goal for the tactics If you’re like me, there are a bunch of […]

What’s Culture Got To Do With It?

“We flew into Iquitos from Lima last night. And the mess began as soon as we landed . The airport looked like a dilapidated barn.” “But they sure took baggage security seriously” “They wouldn’t let us have our bags until they checked the tags. I guess they have to do that here; otherwise people would steal […]

Draw The Line On Differentiation

Looking for brand differentiation inside your organization is like looking for a needle in a Betty Ford Clinic. Because differentiation doesn’t exist inside your programs, your offerings, or your organization. It only exists inside people’s minds. A cautionary tail Once upon a time there were three little piggies trying to differentiate themselves in the world. […]