To The Big Uneasy

You’ve probably been here before.

In fact, there’s a really good chance you’re here right now.

Feeling uneasy.

With that queasy little flutter in your stomach

With that voice in your head questioning if what you are doing is worth all the extra time and effort and pain.

Wondering if you’ll ever break through.

Because it is so, so difficult.

It’s so hard to put yourself out there every day.

Hard to be alone

Hard to be different.

To be unique.

To share your art.

To change the way it’s always been done.

But there’s a reason it’s uneasy. There’s a reason it’s so, so hard to do.

Uneasy is just another word for pending greatness

If it wasn’t hard, just anybody could do it.

It’s the hard that makes what you’re doing great.

And it’s the hard, and the feeling of uneasiness that comes with it, that will make you great.

So, what now?

How about a few things  you might want to think about when your face presses up against a hard, immovable, rough and scratchy, hurtful, big uneasy

1. Don’t wait – invigorate

The opposite of quitting isn’t waiting around.

The opposite of quitting is rededication.

Come up with a new strategy designed to break the problem apart.

But not just any workable strategy. You need a strategy that will invigorate you. One that defines the problem in a way that get’s you excited again.

2. Send a signal

Your tribe wants to see you persist.

In fact, there is a process to persistence. And your tribe wants to see you go through each stage.

They want a signal from you that you are:

    • Committed to their cause
    • Serious about your purpose
    • Powerful enough to make a difference
    • Accepted by other members of the tribe
    • Safe enough to follow

3. Use the power of “nothing to lose”

When the pain gets so bad that you’re ready to quite, you’re finally ready to be someone with nothing to lose.

And someone with nothing to lose has a lot of power.

You’ve finally given yourself permission. Permission to go for broke. To challenge authority. Attempt the un-attempted option.

4. See the other side of the wall

When people quit, they are often focused only on the short-term benefit.

As the old story goes, a man complains to his doctor, “It hurts when I do this.”  “Then stop doing that,” the doctor, in his infinite wisdom, replies.

Short-term pain has more impact on most people than long-term benefits do.

That’s why it’s important to concentrate on the long-term benefits of not quitting.

You need to remind yourself of life on the other side of the problem.

5. Lean

Lean into the problem.

Lean so far you might just lean right through it.

6. Above all

Be brave

For the future, as always, belongs to the brave.

But that’s just my opinion. What’s yours?