To The Whispers

They come from behind you.

Oh, so quietly.

They silently sneak up on you.

And dance in your imagination.

Be quiet

They won’t hit you between the eyes.

They won’t come screaming in your face, “This is who you are. This is what you must do.”

Rather they creep slowly on little feet of silence and surprise.


Quietly, the dream whispers.

Softly, the idea whispers.

Faintly, the purpose whispers.

Secretly, the vision begins with a whisper.

But they are hard to hear

Because they come as instincts. As feelings. They come as your human personal intuition.

And they always whisper. Never shout.

That’s what makes them so hard to hear. You have to listen carefully.

A great man once said

Trust your instincts or they will go away.

But maybe they don’t go away so much as the whisper becomes quieter. Harder and harder to hear without great effort.


If you want to transform your future, your purpose, your tribe, and your organization, listen to the whispers.

Every day of your life, be ready to hear that still, small voice in your ear.

It will not shout.

It will not scream in your face.

So, be open

Be brave.

When you hear the whisper, and it tickles your heart, do it.

And we will all benefit from everything you do.

Of course, that’s just my opinion. What’s yours?