Inspire Your Team

An Art Of It workshop or presentation can do it.
Gordon Hochhalter hosts these little interactive romps.

You’ll travel through some everlasting principles and new ways of thinking.

You’ll experience video insights and real-life examples. And get some video advice from creative giants. Luminaries like Kurt Vonnegut, Aaron Sorkin, Stefan Sagmeister, Frank Gehry, those guys at Pixar, and Waldo The Wonder Dog.

Each workshop or presentation is customized for your organization. It reflects your unique creative needs and goals.

You can check out the basic content of each workshop by following the links below. What you won’t see is the wacky interaction and genuine good time had by all. Stories. Exercises. Discussions. Entertainment and inspiration.


Purpose, Story & The Squat Or Sit Experience

Explores seismic shifts in integrated communications. And, more importantly, how you can take advantage of them. Including an exercise in building an experience / story platform.

Messages Don’t Work Anymore

From Hype to Help: Remaking IMC

Stories Of IMC On The New Frontier


The Creative Work Of Leaders

Takes your leadership team through the new essentials of creative leadership. Reframing. Storylistening. Understanding your tribe’s worldview. Purpose. And leadership storytelling that inspires action.

Aristotle Leads A Tribe

What’s A Tribe?

Tribes Connect With Emotion

The Pillars Of Tribe Connection

Finding The Remarkable


So You Think You’re A Storyteller

Zeros in on what a real, emotionally compelling story is. Then teaches your team how to structure one that moves people. All through personal experience.

What’s A Story, Anyway?

How To Shape A Story

Stories That Move The Movement

Tell A Transmedia Story


Finding Your Organization’s Purpose

Takes your team through a series of exercises. Each one aimed at helping them define your organization’s purpose and reason to exist. And to find the one that’s remarkable enough that people will share it with others.

The Purpose Effect

Where Purpose Lives

A Purpose Worth Sharing

Behold, The Patron Saint of Purpose