Scared: A Storyteller’s Tale

It’s lurking in that white piece of paper.

Be careful, my friend.

The Scared might get you.

The Scared is everywhere.

And it’s waiting for you

For some people, it’s waiting for you on an airplane.

The Scared is out there in the audience you’re about to address.

If you’re an artist or a storyteller, it’s lurking in a blank page. Or canvas. Or screen.

When it comes to facing up to The Scared, we can learn a lot from children.

Let a little child lead you

In fact, storytellers can learn a lot from children. About life and about storytelling.

Bianca Giaever asked a six-year-old to write a film with her.

What she got was a wondrous journey. A journey to the center of the imaginative, insightful consciousness of a child.

And a profound piece of wisdom on overcoming fear and self-doubt.

the Scared is scared from Bianca Giaever on Vimeo.

So, storyteller

Remember, when the scared feeling comes into you, The Scared is scared.

Scared of all the things you like.

So think of pizza. And juice. And meringues.. And cookies. Chocolate chip cookies. And milk. And cookies shaped like pianos. Like piano keyboards.

Or think of a favorite book. Or film. Or story.

Be a tiger

Like Asa Bear and Toby Mouse, you have so much you can do.

There are stories about winter.

Even stories about the sleepover.

So many wonderful stories. So many opportunities.

So be brave.

But that’s just my opinion. What’s yours?