How To Shape A Story

Every story has a shape. You can find it by plotting the emotional high points and low points that the story takes as it unfolds. Voila! When you’re done you’ll end up with the shape of that story. That’s what Kurt Vonnegut did to show that classic stories have common basic shapes. He used Cinderella […]

To the storytellers

Once there was a man obsessed with making complex, highly technical things easy for the common, everyday person to understand. And, in the process, he hoped to change the world. But his well-defined cause, burning passion, elegant design sense and tyrannical obsession with execution were not enough. Then he discovered one thing that changed everything. […]

Tell A Transmedia Story

The old brand story isn’t just dead, Woody Harrelson is smoking its ashes in his lucky skull bong somewhere right now. Will transmedia storytelling kill the branding star? What the heck is transmedia storytelling, and why is it becoming a hot topic these days? Well, in its simplest terms, it’s the practice of creatively linking […]