To The Trail Less Traveled


It’s a shame, but you won’t find the path to being truly unique in the hallowed and often hollow halls of corporate America.

In fact, you’ll find it in the most unlikely places.

Places where people see things differently, think differently and do things differently.

Like at Larry’s place

Larry fixes bikes.

For every bike he fixes, he does his best every minute until the job is done.

But then he spends five extra minutes doing something special. Like carefully cleaning the chain. Or attaching a horn or some tassels for a kid.

Be what only you can be

In those last five minutes Larry transforms himself.  He becomes remarkable.

Of course, the amazing thing isn’t how unusual Larry is. The amazing thing is how easy it is to do what Larry does and how many people don’t do it.

So if you want to transform your future,  your purpose and your organization, be like Larry.

Be brave

Have the guts and foresight to go those extra five minutes. Make it easy for people to find the difference between you and everybody else.

And understand that the changing future, as always, belongs to the brave.

Be brave.

But that’s just my opinion. What’s yours?