To Insightful Soles


Your fancy-schmancy, revolutionary innovation is going to take you a long way, my friend.

But it will be a long way in the wrong direction without one vital component.

A peek into people’s souls

Fifty years ago there were only two kinds of shoes: street shoes and running shoes.

Then a guy by the name of Bruce Katz came along and joined the thick leather soles of street shoes with the lightweight nylon of running shoes and created a new thing — walking shoes.

Unfortunately, Bruce Katz’s walking shoes went absolutely nowhere.

That’s because, with the exception of old people, no one really cared that much about walking.

Then Bruce Katz had an insight

The way to make people care about walking was to relate it to something they did care about — their health.

And within five years, Rockport walking shoes were earning $500 million a year.

So if you want to transform your future, your purpose and your organization, be like Bruce Katz.

Be brave

Realize that tribe insights, not just consumer insights, but tribe insights, power transformative movements.

They overturn conventions.

They create better ways of doing things.

They connect people.

But most important, remember that the changing future, as always, belongs to the brave.

Be brave

But that’s just my opinion. What’s your take?


Photo credit: Timtak