Positioning A Purpose


How do you position an organization in the rapidly changing branding world?

Find your tribe, Pilgrim.

Find a tribe of marketing change agents at business-to-business firms who see the world the way you do.


Then, it might be wise to define your purpose in a way that resonates with them.

In this case, it’s a manic dedication to transforming companies by understanding how to buck the status quo.


And just to make things more engaging, you might want to express your unique (and in this case, somewhat quirky) personality and your pupose through a variety of media.

From print,

to social friendage,

MB Twitter Page

to twitterage,

MB YouTube Featured

to tubbing,

to the blogosphere.

Not to mention a content-driven website that stands out, self-selects and qualifies its prospects.

One that actually says something about how to leverage change to transform brands, organizations and industries.

Of course, you’ll need a strategic and creative process.

Be sure to build it on insights into what motivates your client’s customers and prospects. And communicate them inside and outside their organization.

Add a few over-the-top events.

A viral video doesn’t hurt.


Neither does an interactive magazine.


And built it all on a bunch of contrarian ideas for business-to-business marketers found in these three little thought leaders books.

Shift This

Age of Engagement


(Just click the title for your viewing or downloading pleasure.)

Above all, enjoy the journey, Pilgrim.