What The Critics Have To Say

A few reviews of the Art Of It experience for your reviewing pleasure

Gordon has that rare mind for creative thinking.

And Gordon’s presentations are inspiring. He guides his audience to a promised land of purpose-driven solutions and delivers beyond expectations.

His quiet demeanor hides the passion he feels for great work. His soft voice draws his audience in close. His sarcasm is subtle. His humor is infectious.

He shares his wealth of knowledge in a way that entertains the way a favorite professor makes you smarter without you realizing you are in the classroom.

Creative ideas are powerful. Gordon is the master at showing you the path to discover your own great ones.

— Peter Gerritsen, President, Taan Worldwide

Here’s another

I’m still under the influence of that session. Powerful stuff!

I’m fairly confident we never left the room, but I came away feeling like I’d traveled to an extraordinary place.

Gordon took us on a journey filled with insights and emotions that immediately changed how I evaluate and execute branding and advertising.

This is a creative champion and master storyteller with a deep understanding of his craft and a rare gift for sharing it with the world.

— Tim Casart, Creative Director + Brand Strategist, Chalk242

One more

Gordon’s thoughtful approach, combined with his provocative thinking, challenged my perceptions of “how things are” to “how things could be.”

Recently, as is custom, we shared our latest and greatest big idea with Gordon. As expected, our thinking was prodded and carefully examined resulting in Gordon facilitating a two-day think tank for our team to further develop the concept.

The session began with an entertaining and educational story that guided our thinking about how to assist clients as we expanded our own skill sets.

You would be doing yourself and your business a disservice by not working with Gordon. Happy thinking!

— Roxanne Joffe, President, MagnifyGood

And now for something completely different

The session with Gordon opened my eyes to a whole new world of storytelling.

I realized I didn’t truly understand the power of storytelling until he showed us the difference between people who say they tell stories and whose who are true storytellers.

The examples he used were powerful and inspiring.

Armed with the knowledge Gordon shared, I can’t wait to get out there and tell the next powerful story that moves people to tears.

Also, Gordon’s passion for storytelling is palpable – he truly believes in what he teaches and practices what he preaches. You will not regret scheduling a session with him!

— Ruja Entcheva, Digital Marketing Manager, Center for Disaster Philanthropy

How about another?

Gordon is of the rare breed of experts that can effectively speak to the reality of running an organization and the abstract of staying in front of the steep curve of “change.”

His presentation skills are excellent and his message is even better!

— Stephan Woods, Community & Business Leader, President, TideSmart Global

Okay, if you insist

Gordon believes that messages don’t work anymore and has put together a powerful presentation of why this is true and what you can do to address this fact.

We recently brought Gordon to our organization to share his wisdom with our staff. The presentation was fast paced, funny, and inspiring.

Most importantly, Gordon challenged us to understand what questions to ask of ourselves and our clients.

I highly recommend Gordon to any organization who is ready to meet the challenges of today’s connected world.

— Sam Stern, CEO, Magnify Good

What more can we say?

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