Pretty Is As Pretty Does


It was a glorious, early Spring morning.

The sun shone brightly. The trees were newly green. All around, vibrant splashes of color punctuated the scene.


David Ogilvy was on his way to work, walking but barely noticing, when he came upon a homeless man begging on the street.

The man held up a sign that read,

    “I am blind. Please help.”


Ogilvy paused, noticing the man’s empty cup, but refused to give him even a few cents.

Instead, he reached into his suit pocket, pulled out a marker, grabbed the sign and rewrote it.

    “It is Spring and I am blind”


Much of the work we call creative is simply serviceable (I am blind. Please help)

Occasionally, it goes beyond to tap into our emotions in a way that creates a resonating, compelling experience. (It is Spring and I am blind)


Sometimes, all it takes is juxtaposing New York street fashion with the rural images of Amish country to create unlikely but intriguing and involving stories.

Stories that go beyond facts and figures and messages to touch our emotions.


But when you want to bring tribe members to your cause that’s exactly what it takes.


And that’s what pretty does.