Creating Tribal Experiences


As I walked into what looked like a time-worn Spanish court-yard, a young lady dressed in a fringed skirt took my hand and began teaching me how to Tango.

But it wasn’t really a dance lesson.

It was a lesson in the power of a tribe experience over a mere event.



So take a lesson in the Barrio.

Design-your-own dance costume.

Join the Dancing With The Stars competition.

A little Bachata here, a little Rumba there and what have you got?

Baba Luna.


Imagine being dropped into an elegant and mysterious Italian mansion with costumed opera singers roaming the giant entry and stairs.


With arias ringing in your ears, design your mask at the mask station.


And join the dramatic mystery tour.


Tribal experiences include unexpected venues, a theme that promises intrigue, activities that challenge people’s physical and mental involvement and communications that create excitement and anticipation.


So less is more at Blanc.

Take in the modern, minimalist museum space where you can design your own white Lego structure while you’re inspired by shapeshifting¬†dancers and artists transforming blank canvases with bold splashes of dramatic color.


Reframing events into experiences increased attendance for the Design Foundation Fighting Aids from their traditional 300 attendees to more than 850 people in three years.