Define Your Purpose

People aren’t compelled to act by knowing what you do. They act because they connect with why you do it. Committing yourself to an ideal that transcends making money Defining why you do, what you do, how you do Articulating a belief system around why Aligning your internal value with what your tribe values most […]

Find your tribe

A tribe is much more than an audience. It is a unique group of people who share a unique view of the world.. A group connected to one another, to a leader and to an idea that inspires their passion. Understanding them and leading them is the new key to success. Because we do not […]

Find your story

Set yourself apart in a way that connects with your tribe. Discover the creative power of reframing. Learn the fine art of being what only you can be. Being different by being relevant to your tribe : A critical analysis Understanding your tribe’s decision criteria Mining insights about what motivates your tribe Focusing on the […]

Tell your story

Mere messages don’t work anymore. Instead, discover and carry out ideas that engage people’s hearts, minds and bodies. Learn how to stop saying things and start making things. Things that help people instead of hyping them. Shifting from stories told to stories lived Converting your messages into compelling tribe experiences Using personas, experience maps and […]

Find your future

Reinvent yourself for a new, connected, tribal age. Learn to function around the value you provide, not on the time it takes to do things. Reimagine your role as leader. From organizational visionary to social architect From service to value From integrated to connected From brand story to people story to storyscaping From 360 to […]

Find a way

If you’d like, ART can be the way to physically get it done. We’ll execute work that transforms your purpose into artful, tribal experiences. Experiences that are emotional, inspirational, engaging, helpful and worth sharing. Facilitating innovative thinking Inspiring creative organizations Platform design Brain storming Content development Creative direction Art direction Ideawriting     Find Your […]

Think Differently

Ideas start out small and fragile. But the more you talk about them, the more you share them, the more they take shape. But when you add a different way of seeing things ideas can go from good to great.   And so can people.